God has blessed me with some amazing opportunities to travel His world, and every where I go I leave a piece of my heart behind. I have listed below some of my blog posts pertaining to travel, the nations, and re-entry.

Read a creative essay combining a couple of my experiences: The Rhythm of the World

Colorado and Maryland, USA
I recently spent some time with my family in Colorado, and then took a solitary road trip from Colorado back to Maryland to finish university. I didn’t blog nearly as much about the trip as I probably should have, but here are a few posts:
Thoughts on Leaving
Thoughts on Arriving

Edinburgh, Scotland
Read about my experiences while studying abroad here:
-The journey: Beyond the Blue
-First impressions: City of Wonders
-A church experience: Good, pleasing, and perfect
-People and places: When in Scotland…
-Some of my favorite things: A mad god’s dream
-Thoughts and experiences: Some jumbled thoughts for you
-Re-entry and feeling in between: lost at home
-A year after returning: What I should’ve been talking about

Arad and Jerusalem, Israel
I had the amazing chance to serve refugees from South Sudan and experience the Holy Land through Adventures in Missions. Read a few posts about the journey, the experience, and re-entry here:
Getting into You
Lessons from the Desert, a poem 
-Longing for the desert

Brussels, Belgium
I volunteered with Serve the City during their summer service week. I wrote an article about my experience that was published in my college newspaper, and I’ve reproduced it here on the blog: Every need has a name, every name has a story

Baltimore, Maryland, USA
I have had the opportunity to participate in Help Portrait for two consecutive years. Read about my first experience here: Help Portrait 2009

Before I started this blog, I also helped at children’s Bible camps in Los AngelesHungary and Cameroon. Here is a general post about my missions experiences and how God revealed my heart for the nations: Thoughts on telling our God stories.

If these posts or my blog have spoken to you in anyway, I would be honored if you would share that with me, and please share this with others you. Thank you. <3

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