My Beautiful Rescue.

I have so much going through my head right now and I haven’t written a thing… I’m going to try and pick it apart one by one, so… here’s one.


Happily ever after, finding the person you want spend the rest of your life with, the person you would give anything for, and the person who would do the same for you; it’s finding that someone, and then suddenly all the love songs in the world make sense and apply directly to you. You’re in love and you’re happy. Most of us think that’s as good as it gets.

We’re wrong.

We’re close, but we’re wrong.

We have been trained in this thought process from a very young age. (Though, I guess, I can really only speak for girls here.) I mean, think about it: what are all the Disney classics about? Romance, finding your Prince Charming, can you feel the love tonight?

Ever since we were little kids, we knew we were not meant to be alone. We craved that special someone, our prince, the one who would love us, always and forever, no matter what.

But it wasn’t just Disney, the whole world was after this idea. Soon we heard song after song professing undying love for a man or a woman… There were poems, literature, even stories in history.

Love. It’s the best thing around. It’s the only reason to live. Your lover makes life bearable, keeps you going, breathes life into you.

Like I said, we’re close. So close.

But that’s not the best love there is.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately after a friend of mine spoke about it at church one day. His words totally hit me right where I sat.

I’m writing about this now because everywhere I turn, I am reminded of how much I want someone, someone to love and someone to love me back. I want to be like that girl in all those songs… or like that couple on TV who suddenly realize they’re madly in love with each other… I want that.

But I am given so much more.

There is a God who loves me more than I can even begin to understand.

He knows everything about me, all my flaws, all my insecurities, and yet He still loves me, and will love me even when I turn away from Him, which I will do constantly, because I am human and will try to fill my need for Him with other things. Yet, He is always there, waiting with open arms.

He created me to love me. And then He died for me, to show me just how far He was willing to go to bring me back to Him.

That, my friends, is the greatest love story ever told.

And it’s real, and it’s true, and it’s completely ALIVE in our lives today.

Sometimes, I just need to be reminded of that.