Re: With Time

My last blog post was a bit messy. I put it out there because I’ve been telling myself that I want my writings to be real, to be raw and honest like Lewis’ A Grief Observed and the various psalms of King David that included anger and despair as well as wild hope.

Maybe that’s puffing myself up too much– I mean, let’s be honest, I also do it for that tiny bit of attention, because sometimes I just want to scream to someone, anyone, that I’m still not doing well… and for that I am sorry. However, I have noticed that whenever I get this stuff off my chest by posting here, I feel a little better, a little relieved.

Thursday, after I published “With time…” I felt like I could actually turn to God and seek Him, see His goodness, after I’d gotten all that despair out of my head and into the words I published here. Perhaps that was how David was able to write songs of such joy alongside songs of such sorrow and anger.

I confess, I’ve sometimes been a bit of a brute beast lately, but God is patient and gracious with me, and He won’t let me go. The “Asaph” psalmist knew what that was like, the feelings of grief and bitterness, and still the overwhelming comfort of God’s everlasting presence.

I’m no Lewis, no king of Israel, no ancient songwriter, but in a way we are all just like them. They were human too, and I would like to write as they did. I know I’m not the only one out there who has gone through/who is going through something like this, and I want to be a voice. That’s part of the reason why I’m keeping up (or trying to keep up) this blog, especially during this mourning season. I want to be a voice for those struggling with such loss, a voice that says, “I’ve despaired. I’ve been angry. I’ve lost. Yet in such darkness, I’ve tried to cling to hope, but sometimes I really didn’t want to, and oftentimes I failed.”

God is the Rock, and He is what I keep coming back to, no matter what happens. I can’t stop going back to the notion that I need Him to be such a rock. He is the constant one, the one to count on in all this chaos.

I feel like I am living a terrifying, exhausting roller coaster. I can write posts like Thursday’s, full of darkness, and then two days later I can churn out posts like this, words with a sense of burden’s loosed and hope rekindled, and yet in the back of my mind I fear that the darkness will lurch forward again and take over tomorrow…

Yet, I still have the Rock, don’t I? And each day I can come closer to knowing this love that surpasses knowledge. That’s what I want my story to be. Thank you for reading.


A Drink from the Cup of Redemption

Last year, I wrote a blog post about the experience of having Communion as my first meal of the day. This morning, I had my first taste of Communion wine and thought I’d take the time to write another post about the symbolic genius of the Lord’s Supper.

Normally, whenever I have drunk from the cup that is to symbolize Christ’s blood, I’ve tasted grape juice. This juice still serves as a mighty symbol, being that the grapes are crushed and squeezed and poured out as a sanguine liquid to symbolize the blood of the new covenant. However, I have to explain that drinking wine instead affords quite a different experience.

When I first tasted the wine, it was strong and it went down sharply. It was tart and revitalizing, and filled my chest with warmth as it spread down my body. The wine filled me and comforted me, it sparked in me a fire that wouldn’t easily go out, and the taste stayed with me long after the cup had passed.

I know I may love symbolism a bit too much, but I couldn’t stop thinking about that drink of wine and about how perfect God is to choose such a symbol to represent the blood of His son that covers sin and makes us righteous. His body was broken to make us whole. His blood redeems and rejuvenates our souls. Grape juice has a particular taste, but the wine was sharper, it had a kick to it — I could not taste that sip of wine without feeling different inside… Because Christ’s blood transforms me.

Sing your songs of freedom,
Praise the God of Heaven,
Love that never fails me,
Jesus’ blood, Jesus’ blood.