A Violent Flame

The life we lead is a violent flame
Trapped within this tender frame
To the end will the spark await, to rise

How long will you live, how long will you live a lie?
How long will you live, how long will you live to die?

The life we lead is a rise and fall
A narrative with a question mark
Lethargic is the writer’s block
Just keep running with me through it all

How long will you live
To die?

I know I’ve been sort of slacking in the blog department lately. I haven’t kept up with my challenge to post every other day. It’s been difficult on days when I just don’t feel like I have anything important to say, and I’ve also been sort of swamped and stressed with issues of life…. But my friend Jeff Goins wrote about lack of inspiration last week and he said,

“All I can do is show up. … I write to write — not to necessarily get published or praised. I write because I have to. And as I do the work, something mystical happens — I get inspired.”

I write because I have to… Those words have been swimming around in my head for the past few days. I want to just show up, and write, and take pictures, because I have to, because that’s what’s in me to do… That’s part of my violent flame that the Lord has placed within me, and He will use my “just showing up”  to bring about His glory.

I’m thankful to Jeff and the music of Courrier for inspiring me to take this photograph and post this blog today, and I’m thankful to God for putting these gifts and this fire within me.

Let your spark arise today.

Once again, I take inspiration from the amazing band, Courrier. Please check out their music at http://www.courriermusic.com/. You can listen to their debut album for free! …But then you should buy it, because they are awesome. :)