Culture & Lit

Sometimes I like to blog about movies I’ve seen, music I’ve listened to, or books I’ve read. I also like to write about trends and spirituality in pop culture. Here are the links to some of those posts:

-A survey of some music, movies, and books: Recommendation Time
-Truth Wins Every Time: The Lord of the Rings: A discussion of the power of truth in Tolkien’s universe
-Blue Valentine, the Last Five Years, and Crazy, Stupid, Love: Some thoughts on tragic trends
-A Violent Flame: Applying Courrier’s lyrics to the writing life
-Permission to Kill: Dissecting a passage of C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce
-The Reluctant King: Analyzing a cultural trope and its spiritual significance
-This is the blog of an English major: A quotation of Wordsworth
-How do we escape the justice bot? Analyzing the notion of justice in a Doctor Who episode
-My beautiful rescue: The true love trend and its spiritual significance
-Roll away your stone: An interpretation of Mumford & Sons’ lyrics

If these posts or my blog have spoken to you in anyway, I would be honored if you would share that with me, and please share this with others you. Thank you. <3

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