I have entered a new season of grieving for both of my parents. I lost my mother ten years ago on January 29, 2003, and on June 10, 2013, my father joined her.

Right now, most of my blog posts are going to reflect this sudden and terrifying change. I have gained a lot of perspective and comfort from such memoirs as C.S. Lewis’ A Grief Observed, and while I am no Lewis, I wanted to make some of my thoughts and feelings public on the chance that they may perhaps be able to reach someone else out there who is suffering. (Also, it helps me to get them out of my head by posting them here.)

These are the posts I have written so far, starting from the beginning:
Sudden Change
What I’m taking in these days…
A page from my journal
learning perspective from a lightning thief
this dark shadow
among the rocks
September Grief
Thoughts on Surviving
slow autumn breaths
thoughts on escaping…
November Walks
Progression of the Seasons
What I’m taking in these days…Part 2
“In Transition…” One Year Later
Winter Sustenance
Jumbled thoughts on the new year
Seven months later
“With time…”
Re: With Time
Grey Havens
February Fragments
Blossom in all Seasons
Against my ruins
When He is Risen but death still hurts…
Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness
Thoughts on enduring.
Big Medicine and Strong Magic

These are some posts that I have written previously about my mother:
White shores are calling…

If these posts or my blog have spoken to you in anyway, I would be honored if you would share that with me, and please share this with others too. Thank you. <3

13 thoughts on “Mourning

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