Creative Expression

I like to write fiction and creative nonfiction, and I’m also an amateur photographer. On this page, you can find some of the more creative posts on my blog:

Winter Sustenance, praise and photography
November Walks, poetry and thoughts on fall, grief, dying, spring…
Progression of the Seasons, photographs
Thoughts on escaping… a poem exploring grief through memory and escapism
Thoughts on Surviving, exploring grief through short fiction
Autumn, photographs of the aspens and some thoughts on death
Life in the Rain, a photograph, a line, and a truth
May, a simple worship poem with photographs
Simple Beauty, a photograph and a promise
Children of Promise, a metaphor for who we really are
Children of Promise, Revised, a revised version of the earlier draft
Thoughts on Creativity, a commentary on my drive to create
True Story, a poem-style look at the foolishness of my anxiety
Stifled Words, stream of consciousness about writers block
The Rhythm of the World, a creative essay
Abandoned, a short poetic-type post
The Water of Life, spiritual photography
Ten, a poem about memories of my mother and my childhood
Writer’s Block, photography
A Violent Flame, song lyrics and commentary on writing
Hey! continuing my notion of “A Violent Flame”
The cruelest month? April photography
Stream of Consciousness 1, trying to write something
The songs that spoke for me, my very first post on this blog

If these posts or my blog have spoken to you in anyway, I would be honored if you would share that with me, and please share this with others you. Thank you. <3

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