Biblical Studies

I want to use my blog to engage in Biblical discussion. I have recently started posting about some of the things I am learning in the Word. I also occasionally post scripture verses with my own photographs as a form of worship and expression. You can find the posts particularly related to Biblical studies listed here:

-Psalm 23, on death and promises: Twenty-three.
-Psalm 18: He Delights in You
-2 Chronicles 14-16, the story of King Asa: A good king, a change of heart
-Luke 12:5-7: Sparrows
-Good Friday and Psalms 113-118: A good day.
-1 Chronicles 22 and the transition from David to Solomon: Changing Seasons
-Luke 5:1-11: Let Down Your Nets
-Peter in John 21: The Fisherman and the Shepherd
-Nehemiah, Lamentations, and remembering Bible stories: The issue of remembrance…
-Some notes on Zechariah and Ezekiel: Takeaways from Two Prophets.
-The book of Haggai and some Ezra: “Give careful thought to your ways.”
-The book of Ezekiel: New book, same story
-The book of Jeremiah: Fruitful in Exile
-Thoughts on Caleb: From following God beyond the blue to waiting on my Desert Father
-Psalm 103:2-5: The Water of Life
-Psalm 57:7-11: Awake My Soul
-Isaiah 43: Greater things have yet to come

If these posts or my blog have spoken to you in anyway, I would be honored if you would share that with me, and please share this with others you. Thank you. <3

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