There is good. Here is good.

I realize that my last couple of blog posts have been a bit depressing, so I figured I should take the time to write about some of the things I am grateful for in this not-so-desired season of my life.

–First, although the Autumn season has been reminding me daily of my walks through Edinburgh, I’ve also been able to enjoy the Maryland scenary. For the first few weeks of October, I felt as though I were driving through a painting. It was wonderful, and that plus the new Mumford & Sons album have made my commutes a lot more enjoyable.

–I’m grateful to experience all things pumpkin-flavored. I’m not sure Scotland has caught on to this glorious spice yet. Coffee. Donuts. Cookies. Muffins. Hershey Kisses. Bagels. Did I mention coffee?

–Getting to spend Halloween handing out candy to dozens of adorable kids in costume. Halloween is so much better when there are kids around.

–Finding a group of believers who have welcomed me into their community. I’ve loved having dinner with them, doing Bible study, and getting to babysit their children.


–Seeing my cat steadily grow back to health and back into the spunky, curious trouble-maker she’s always been. Getting to curl up next to her every night.

–I’m reading some pretty awesome books for some of my classes. Since the main reason I’m here, after all, is to finish school, I might as well do my best to enjoy it. I’ve also gotten to write some pretty interesting papers. (Yes, I know, I’m a nerd, and I’m proud of it.)

–I’m stressed about work and money and situations, but God is good and I’ve been able to watch him provide in crazy ways both for me and for my family. He is so faithful, even when I’m faithless and give way to worry.

–I’m learning to remind myself each day that God has marked that day as good. God has redeemed it. He has redeemed this day. He has redeemed yesterday. He has redeemed tomorrow. He has seen my future and called it good, even though I cannot see it yet.



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