Season of Rain?

I’ve been thinking about this concept for probably a month or so now, and I kept meaning to sit down and blog about it but I never have. So, I am going to attempt to do so now.

You all know about my Josh Garrels obsession and how I often blog about his lyrics speaking directly into the seasons of my life.

Well, another song on the album Jacaranda is called “Season of Rain,” and during this time in the desert I have been singing this song over and over, particularly clinging to these lines:

Season of rain will bring labor pains,
But it’s end will be the most wonderful

Isn’t that so beautiful? The tough seasons, the storms, the rain, those are the times just before something wonderful will be birthed.

But wait a minute, haven’t I been telling you for six months that I’ve been feeling like I’m in a desert season? Aren’t deserts and rainstorms kind of opposite of each other?

I don’t know, but I do know that God has been laying those words on my heart, and I started thinking…

Perhaps, after one leaves the sands of the desert, the rain comes…

If the the rain is the labor pains, then wouldn’t the time in the desert be a time of formation? A time when what will be birthed begins to grow and take shape in the womb?

I don’t know. But I think that is in agreement with what God has already told me about this time, that it is a time of preparation.

It has been literally raining here in my area a lot lately, and I started to think that perhaps I am entering the season of rain — which would mean a time of intense pain just before the joy comes. And that terrifies me, because my life certainly feels tossed and jumbled by the storm right now.

But I still don’t know, because God keeps showing me deserts. I keep getting vivid flashbacks of my time in Israel when I would stay awake at night listening to the sound of the desert wind rattling the windows.

Did you know that the wind blows strong, wild, and unconstrained in the desert?

I want that. I need that. Especially if I’m going to enter a turbulent rainy season.

So once again I say, I don’t know. I don’t know what this is yet, but I know I want the Spirit to fill me because I can’t do this without Him.

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