Children of Promise

Today at Crossroads, we had a writers’ meet-up, where we were encouraged to share a piece that we had written. I chose to bring this piece, the piece that has been sitting in my documents for about a month since I got hit by the idea during a worship song. I was never sure what to say with it or whether or not it was finished, but I decided to read it anyway. And now I want to share it with you. This piece was inspired by the verse in Galations 4:28 that says, Now you, brothers and sisters, like Isaac, are children of promise, and also the fact that sometimes we forget who we are.

The children of Promise have deserted her.

[They’ve walked away from their inheritance.]

They’ve forgotten their names,
the names she gave them.
Instead of Cherished,
her daughter has taken the name Worthless.
Instead of Prince,
her son carries the name Slave.
From Beloved to Despised,
From Secure to Lost,
From Redeemed to Fallen…

They have grown weak, weary, and poisoned–
filled with food that is no good for them,
food that does not come from their mother’s table.

They run, they hide, they leave her by the wayside,

But they will always be children of Promise. She made them, that bond can never be broken. She cannot go back on who she is; she will always be their mother.

The children of Promise have an inheritance that can never be lost or stolen or exchanged. The blood remains the same; they–belong–to–her.

They will always be children of Promise, and she will welcome them back with open arms–
If only they’d turn around,
And remember the One, the promise, who gave them life.


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