Thoughts on creativity

Did you know that in the last day I’ve created three different drafts for new posts on this blog? (This is draft number four, by the way, in case you were wondering.) I also have about three new story ideas I’ve started in my stories folder. I’ve kept each document open while on the computer, though I haven’t gotten very far in any of them. I also have my journal where I hand-write things, and it’s all over the place right now as I change thoughts abruptly and jump lines. Some of the pages are just artistically shaded words that I draw around because I can’t draw pictures. — I only draw words, isn’t that interesting? — Anyway, for the past couple nights I’ve felt this overwhelming need to create, but when I try, nothing comes out, or at least, nothing that I can finish. I draw words because I don’t now what else to do, I just need to scribble. What do I do with this pent up creativity?

And why does it seem to happen so often?

Oh, well, I’ll unleash it one way or another, even if it’s just scribbling for my own enjoyment where no one else can see but the One who made me in the first place. You see, I need to create, even if no one on earth sees the final product… But I want you to see it, I want to express myself, to express Him; I want to show you that Light that’s chased me. Sometimes I feel I just can’t get it out.

My current playlist involves Sleeping at Last, and as I wrote this, their song “Next to Me” came on, it starts like this:
Oh, our futures were written with crayons in coloring books
It was misspelled and outside the lines and we loved how it looked.

I’m not sure why I felt the need to connect this to the rest of my blog post, but it’s just so creatively cute that it struck a chord with me. I would love a coloring book and some crayons right now. I would attack the paper, giving the princess blue-orange hair and coloring outside the lines to create fun shapes and background patterns… Simple creativity without hindrance, that’s all I want. Maybe God would put it on His fridge — you know, just between Monet and Da vinci. His fridge must be humongous to hold all our scribbles…

I think creativity is a mark of the Divine within us… And it makes God smile to see our attempts to be like Him, to paint the sky with a brush as He did with His hand…

Thank you for letting me ramble out this stream-of-consciousness post on being creative. I hope you can be creative today, too. <3


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on creativity

  1. This reminds me of “The Artist’s Way,” have you read it? It is about the spiritual aspects of creativity, but also has a number of exercises for defeating writer’s block, which really work!

    • No, I’ve never heard of that — but I really want to read it now! Thank you! I think I get a lot of my ideas about spiritual aspects of creativity from Erin McManus and the book Soul Cravings, it talks about how we desire to create because we were created in the image of our Creator… Good stuff! Thanks for commenting. :)

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