Hah, I know, very creative of me to use that as the title of this post. I can’t help it if David Bowie pops into my head every time I think about changes. Anyway, the point is, you’ll probably be noticing some changes about this blog of mine… new colors, new layout, new title — I know, change scares me too, I’m sorry! I’m already starting to feel iffy about this font and the style of it, so we’ll see how long it lasts… I just wanted to update my layout a bit to make it easier to read. I also decided I wanted to change the title of this blog to something a bit more personal…

My old title was taken from a song, and it was good for a time, I connected myself to it, but it wasn’t truly… me. For more information about my old title and the reasoning behind it, you can read the first post on this blog here: The Songs that Spoke for Me.

For information about how I chose my new title, well, you can just keep on reading! Lucky you.

Originally, as in five minutes ago, this blog was titled “Chasing the Light.” The problem with that, though, was that it’s used by lots of photographers for their websites and photography dvds and things of that nature. Being stubborn, I chose the title anyway and started writing this post. I began explaining about how I just really like the concept of light chasing. You see, for almost all of my life, I’ve had this strange love affair with the sun and the way it shines. If you’ve ever gone on a photo-adventure with me, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with sunshots, and I’ll always be chasing the light to get the shots I want.

Then I began to say that if you’ve been checking out some of the other posts on this blog, you’ll notice my aforementioned affinity with sunshots, and how I love to relate sun, fire, stars, and all forms of light to God in some way. He is Light, the Father of Heavenly Lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. All my life, I will be chasing after Him, seeking Him, following where His light leads me. In this blog, I want to chronicle my journey as I chase after the Light of Life.

However, as I finished writing these words, I had a thought: Perhaps, I should call this blog “Chased by Light” instead? Because, you see, God is really the one pursuing me, chasing me, consuming me with the Light of His glory… Yes, I am a Light chaser, but I wouldn’t be chasing Him if He hadn’t first chased me. I have been caught and captivated by Heaven’s Light, the Light that will never fade.

When you chase the sun, it always flees from you, you can never quite catch it. You can capture a piece of it in time, but it will always fade away, below the horizon, out of reach.
But our God is not like that; His fire never fades. And instead of fleeing from us, He chases after us, taking hold and never letting go.

I am chased by Light.
I hope you enjoy continuing to read and respond to this blog by a girl consumed by the Light of her Savior. <3


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