Ice Cream Dreams


This post has now been published on the blog over at Kingdom Dreams! I’ll be chronicling my dream process there every Wednesday, so feel free to check it out!

At the Kingdom Dreams workshop that I mentioned in my last post, we did an exercise where we were split into groups. Each group was asked to come up with an amazing, out-of-the-ordinary ice cream shop and to present our ideas to a judge to see which group had the best one. We were told nothing was off-limits and that we could basically do whatever we wanted.

And leave it to God to place me in a group full of crazy dreamers.

The first idea? Everything’s free.
“Hey, I mean, they said anything goes, right?”
Okay, so free ice cream.

And an actual cow out front — no, wait, different colored cows for different flavors. Oh! Maybe the ice cream comes directly out of the utters! Mmm, now that’s fresh.

Don’t forget that it’s calorie-free, but full flavor!

And here I am, as the designated secretary, scribbling all this down and keeping my mouth shut. Because all I want to say is, “Well, how does that actually work? And how do we make a profit if it’s all free? Where are we getting this ice cream that we can’t pay for? And where in the world do we get multicolored, ice-cream-producing cows?!” But I kept my mouth shut.

“You’re quiet,” My new friend Tonya says to me. “You got any ideas?”

But I tell her I’m just trying to wrap my mind around it all as I keep on writing down the others’ ideas. Because I can’t think of anything wild, I can’t not be practical. I can play off the others’ ideas a little, but I can’t come up with my own, and I can’t accept the craziness of it all, except to just write it down because it’s only a game and what the heck, this workshop’s about dreaming, anyway, isn’t it?

But why was it so hard for me to dream?
(I’m a writer, for pete’s sake! Dreaming’s what I do on a daily basis. But that’s fiction. That’s stories.)
This was just a silly game, though, and I couldn’t even dream big.

What happens to my real-life dreams, then?
Thank God His dreams and imagination are much bigger than mine.

And sure, the world needs the practical ones, the ones who can help shape and focus a dream. And maybe that’s part of my purpose. But I don’t want my need for analyzing and control to hinder me from dreaming far bigger than what’s comfortable, far bigger than I can contain.

Because God’s dreams are uncontainable.

And my life is supposed to be God-sized and God-inspired —  not me-sized and me-inspired, limited by what only I can dream possible, hindered by the worries of not having enough money, time, resources, or influence… When all God is saying is, “Dream big, baby girl. It’s all in My control anyway, remember?

So go ahead, lay in bed at night and dream with Me about that crazy ice cream parlor that’s going to change the world.

And then, build it.”

If money were no object, if there were absolutely nothing in your way, what would you do for the Kingdom? What crazy, earth-shaking dreams has God placed on your heart? Do you believe He has the power to make them happen through you?

2 thoughts on “Ice Cream Dreams

  1. Yes I believe that and no I don’t believe that. That’s the struggle right? I believe it until I’m facing the crowd of hungry people and I have no ice cream to give them because I have no money to buy it and not even a ice cream stand to put it in. Then I say God where are you with my ice cream and my stand?

    Another time he comes through easily but I didn’t recognize it was him and forgot to say thank you and am selling ice cream alone.

    The struggle.

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