Roll away your stone

Roll away your stone, I’ll roll away mine
Together we can see what we will find
Don’t leave me alone at this time,
For I’m afraid of what I will discover inside

Cause you told me that I would find a hole,
Within the fragile substance of my soul
And I have filled this void with things unreal,
And all the while my character it steals.

But when You roll away Your stone, I also find a hole, but it’s an emptiness that satisfies. Behind Your stone is an empty grave, the tomb You walked out of on that day You conquered death forever.

I want to fill this void in my soul with things REAL, with life and truth, with Your victory and promise. I don’t want to waste time and energy trying to fill myself up with what does not satisfy. I don’t want my character to be stolen. I want Your character.  I want to be more like the child You made me to be.

Roll away my stone. I know at first it will be difficult and unpleasant. The stone is large and heavy, and it’s been locking in dead things for so long that it’s probably going to smell pretty putrid.

But You can say, “Lazarus, come out!” You can bring LIFE to these dry bones and RESURRECTION to my soul.

“Why do you look for the living among the dead?”

Take this stone, I don’t need it anymore.

Stars hide your fires,
These here are my desires
 [But] I will give them up to You this time around
And so, I’ll be found with my stake stuck in this ground
Marking the territory of this newly impassioned soul.



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