Communion for Breakfast

It’s a fascinating idea.

I had the blessing of experiencing this a couple of weeks ago:

I was working at a Christian summer camp, and the directors had the brilliant idea of starting each day with morning devotions. It totally helped me to start my day on the right track with a good focus and attitude.

We did things like read through passages in Ephesians, worship together, and pray for the day and the morning.

Tuesday’s devotion, however, was by far my favorite. It was a time of communion.

When I arrived at the church that morning, I was starving. I had not had time to eat breakfast, and I was planning on scarfing down my energy bar during devotions. Then, to my delight, I noticed a loaf of bread in the center of the meeting circle. Someone brought bread for breakfast? Works for me.

Then, I noticed the red plastic cups and the bottle of grape juice.

Oh, I thought, feeling a strange sense of embarasment, we’re having communion.

We sang a few beautiful worship songs, and then it was time to partake in the rememberance. I glanced up every so often as my coworkers got up one by one to take of the bread. It had been cut in large slices, but they were tearing off little bits.

“It’s okay to grab more,” our boss encouraged us. “Take a big piece of God!”

And I did just that – I was hungry!

Man, did that metaphor sink in for me that day.

The first thing I ate that morning was the bread that symbolized my savior’s body, broken for me, the sacrifice He made because He loved me.

The first thing I drank was the grape juice that stood for the blood that was shed for me, the blood that covers me, cleanses me, makes me whole.

And boy, did I eat and drink. I couldn’t get enough of it!

Physically, I was starving. Spritiually, I was hungry for more.

So I ate and drank that day, asking God to fill me up.

He did not disappoint. It has been two weeks, and I still can’t stop thinking about the power of that moment.

I want to wake each morning hungry for God. I want His Words and His Spirit to fill me up, because nothing else will satisfy. I want to live out each day constantly aware of the Sacrifice that was made, of the Blood that covers sin, of the Grace that is so readily made available. <3

5 thoughts on “Communion for Breakfast

    • Hahaha, it was something like that… I might have been paraphrasing ;-)
      I liked it, though!
      And I’m so glad you got to read this :-). Thanks for letting me be a part of camp for a week!

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