Longing for the desert.

This blog has been pretty silent for a while because I’ve been, quite literally, in the desert.

Ironically speaking, though, while my body was in the desert, my spirit was experiencing a torrential downpour, soaking up the Water of Life.

God took me to this place, this hot, dry, dusty land in the middle of nowhere, fifteen miles from the lowest point on earth…

And taught me more about Him.

He met me there.

And now He’s whisked me away.

I’m back in the lush greenlands of America where the air is thick and humid, and thunderstorms happen every other day.

“I’m sick of the rain,” my friend told me.

I haven’t had rain for four weeks. I welcome it, I walk in it,

But my spirit is thirsty.

Surrounded by green and water and civilization and life…

But I cry out for nourishment.

I long for the desert.


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