Israel Updates.

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EDIT: This blog address is no longer valid. However, I am including here now a poem that I posed to this blog while I was in Israel:

Lessons From the Desert

Here in the middle of this desert of Israel,
In this dry and thirsty land,
We long most for two things:

  • wind
  • and water.

Wind ~~ The Holy Spirit is like the wind,
It blows wherever it pleases,
With powerful force or a gentle breeze
– according to the need.
We need the wind.
It refreshes. It lifts.
It gives us strength and energy.
Sometimes it’s inconvenient,
But it’s just what we need.
I am desperate for the wind;
Without it, I could not survive my time in the desert.
The wind, the breath of God,
Breathe on me, come breathe within.

Water ~~ Jesus is the Living Water.
He gives it to us freely without limit,
And it never runs out.
Water is precious. Water gives life.
And sometimes, we have to drink it even if we don’t think we need to,
(or face the threat of dehydration)
Because we always need water. Always.

We share this need with the people of Israel.
They are thirsty and desperate,
Looking for water, looking for life.
By grace, we are wells of living water.
Let us overflow in this dry and thirsty land.
We know the way to the water of life,
Let us offer it freely as Jesus did,
And let us not take advantage of the stream within us.

I am thirsty for you, God. Fill me up to overflowing capacity.

Let the wind lead me to Your fountain.
Guide me to those who are thirsty for You.
May the Wind carry the Water of Life!
(and me along with it.)


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